A Proper Look at the New Clipper 70

I have seen numerous pictures of the new Clipper 70 yacht that will be my home for a few months later this year, and walked past two of them on the dockside during my level 2 training week when our 68 foot Clipper yacht was moored nearby on the pontoon. Whilst the new yachts are only 2 feet longer than the previous version, they make the Clipper 68’s look like crusing boats in comparison, with their twin helms, open deck layout and very low guard rails.

I came across the following video on the Yachting World website, which really brings the Clipper 70 to life for me by putting all the pictures I have seen into perspective, making the whole experience feel more real. These boats are going to be very fast – and very wet for the crew on deck!

What do you think? Would you fancy a sail on one of these?

The full blog post can be found here on the Yachting World website.

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