Playing Catch Up

Unlike my fellow crew mates currently working hard to drive the Derry-go-round to Rio (as we have affectionately nicknamed the good ship Derry~Londonderry~Doire), I have fallen behind in posting on the site in recent months. If you attend a Clipper Crew Recruitment Presentation, you receive fair warning that if you sign up for the race, it… Continue reading Playing Catch Up

And The Winner is… Team Sean!

Just a quick post for now – more will follow later this week hopefully! I was allocated to ‘Team Sean‘ at Crew Allocation on Saturday at the Guildhall in Portsmouth, with Sean McCarter as my Skipper. I have had the pleasure of sailing with Sean during my Level 2 training, so he knows how I… Continue reading And The Winner is… Team Sean!

Teams Are Unveiled For Clipper Race

Crew allocation took place on Saturday – here is the official crew picture taken. I’m fairly easy to spot, just to the left of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s right hand. Hmm… that could be my claim to fame in years to come – you heard it here first! Clipper Race – International Crew Gather In The… Continue reading Teams Are Unveiled For Clipper Race