CV30 is the new CV26

Team Sean CV26 crew will be racing on CV30… confused… yes, well so are we!

clipper 13-14 race, clipper 70, cv26, team seanCV26, which arrived in the UK last month, will be crewed by Skipper Simon Talbot with the Great Britain entry. It looks like Clipper have switched the hull numbers around so that the boats that have had their sponsorship deals announced have a lower hull number as these ones have been in the UK for longer, are already on the water and can be wrapped with the sponsor’s logo.

The location of CV30? It was due to arrive in the UK on the 19th of July to be commissioned, a process that involves installing all the equipment required to transform the new yacht into an operating and habitable ocean racer.

According to Clipper, after the hull arrives they:

  • Give it a good scrub! As they get rather filthy whilst being transported
  • Fit the keels, rudders and bowsprits
  • Install and set up the electronics
  • Commission the engines, generators and water makers
  • Fit the radar towers and steering protection
  • Install the rigging and safety lines
  • Fit the bunks
  • Step the masts and tune the rigs
  • Put all the equipment from sails to saucepans on board
  • Carry out test sailing

Some of this commissioning work was started by some of the Clipper maintenance team in China for the last two hulls built (CV30 and CV31), to reduce the commissioning time once the hulls arrived in the UK.

The crew of Team Sean CV26 CV30 are hoping that all this work will be completed before boat prep week, which starts in a little over 2 weeks time. The delivery trip from Gosport to London takes place in 3 weeks time… fingers and toes are crossed that everything will be completed on time or we could be on the look out for some lasers to sail around the world in ;)!

Standing in the Hall of Fame

The surveys have closed, the votes have been counted and Clipper have approved the choice. The official boat song for Team Sean, that will be blasted out from the loud speakers before each of the 15 race starts in various locations around the world, will be ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script, an Irish band so maintaining the Irish connection that seems to be running through Team Sean. With all these Irish links, we will no doubt end up being the Swiss sponsored entry!

On a Level 3 training week at the end of May, some of Team Sean made a first attempt at recording our version of it in the galley of the new Clipper 70. There was even a guest appearance by our Skipper Sean. Don’t judge us too harshly. We had been at sea for 5 days at this point and had just come off a night watch!


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