A Laser Sailor’s Proverb

So, I was sat out on my Laser in the bay this afternoon, the first time I have sailed in the past two months since I injured my ankle during my Level 1 training. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, and, with a southerly breeze coming off the land, the sea was flat.… Continue reading A Laser Sailor’s Proverb

September – The Adventure Begins

Today is the 1st of September. I associate September with the end of summer, which never really arrived again this year. This is a time when week night racing comes to an end and sailing and other on the water activities are confined to the weekends as the evenings get shorter. Closing day for racing… Continue reading September – The Adventure Begins

Sailing with Percy

Last week, I went sailing with Percy. No, not Iain Percy, who was otherwise occupied competing in the Star class for Team GB at Weymouth in the London 2012 Olympics (although I have spent a morning on a RIB with Iain Percy, but that is another story), but Percy… an inflatable hippopotamus. It all started… Continue reading Sailing with Percy