Clipper Race Reveals ‘Dynamic Dozen’

One of the ‘dynamic dozen’ pictured below will be my race skipper… I wonder which one it will be? I did my level 2 training with one of the group – you might recognise him from the picture on the Friday Photo II. It is fantastic to see a female skipper in the group, Vicky Ellis;… Continue reading Clipper Race Reveals ‘Dynamic Dozen’

Demolition Watch Reporting for Duty

AKA – The night we almost broke the boat (or Level 2 Training Diary – Part 4)! After making sure that Dobie was securely fastened to the back of the boat, we left Cowes, with the sun shining and blue skies… it was also bitterly cold and windy, the recurring theme for the week it… Continue reading Demolition Watch Reporting for Duty