A Proper Look at the New Clipper 70

I have seen numerous pictures of the new Clipper 70 yacht that will be my home for a few months later this year, and walked past two of them on the dockside during my level 2 training week when our 68 foot Clipper yacht was moored nearby on the pontoon. Whilst the new yachts are… Continue reading A Proper Look at the New Clipper 70

Demolition Watch Reporting for Duty

AKA – The night we almost broke the boat (or Level 2 Training Diary – Part 4)! After making sure that Dobie was securely fastened to the back of the boat, we left Cowes, with the sun shining and blue skies… it was also bitterly cold and windy, the recurring theme for the week it… Continue reading Demolition Watch Reporting for Duty

New Year’s Day Sail

What better way to start a big year of sailing for me than a sail across Belfast Lough, from Bangor to Carrickfergus with a group of friends.           In squally but sunny conditions, we made good time across the Lough. There were remarkably few boats out on the water – the… Continue reading New Year’s Day Sail

Winter Skies

As we approach the shortest day of the year, when it feels that no sooner has the sun risen it is starting to set again, it is easy to focus on the negatives of having less sunlight. However, there are days when the low winter sun provides some spectacular lighting in the sky. If you… Continue reading Winter Skies