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Conor Watch Leader Delivery TripConor, one of my fellow crew-mates on Derry~Londonderry~Doire and one of the current watch leaders has just posted his blog about race 2 to Rio. It sounds like they had it all on the race down to Rio – big waves, flat calm seas, managed to broach a 70 foot Clipper yacht and a few broken ribs… Reading this has certainly brought home to me that I am leaving to go and join them in less than 3 weeks time. I particularly like what Conor has written about what he has learned on the race so far:

We have a terrific crew and skipper, we work well together and we don’t argue. […] I have improved as a sailor and hopefully I will get better. People are resilient, no matter the conditions or the tiredness my watch always stood up and did their best. They didn’t grumble, they wanted the best for the boat. I respect and admire them so much.
This is an amazing experience, it’s not all about fun and good times. It’s about pushing yourself, learning about yourself and combatting difficulties…

Head over to his blog to read the rest, or follow him on twitter @OByrneConor

Via Race 2 Brest to Rio | Garda Round The World.

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