Standing in the Hall of Fame

The surveys have closed, the votes have been counted and Clipper have approved the choice. The official boat song for Team Sean, that will be blasted out from the loud speakers before each of the 15 race starts in various locations around the world, will be ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script, an Irish band so maintaining the Irish connection that seems to be running through Team Sean. With all these Irish links, we will no doubt end up being the Swiss sponsored entry!

On a Level 3 training week at the end of May, some of Team Sean made a first attempt at recording our version of it in the galley of the new Clipper 70. There was even a guest appearance by our Skipper Sean. Don’t judge us too harshly. We had been at sea for 5 days at this point and had just come off a night watch!

Level 3 Training Log

CV20 OneDLL Gosport Marina

2 Clipper Yachts – CV6 Geraldton Western Australia & CV20 OneDLL

2 Race Skippers (Sean and Vicky)

750 Nautical Miles (Tidal)

6 days onboard

40 night hours

2 races (Gosport – Le Harve – Portland Bill – Gosport & Gosport – Dover Straits – Isle of Wight – Gosport)

Plenty of drills, including man overboard at night, reefs in, reefs out, sails up, sails down

Clipper 13-14 Race Training1 sunbathingly sunny morning

1/2 hour sleep

0 showers (Lots of baby wipes)

0 lobster pots (many near misses :))

Lots of chocolate – still no doughnuts

24th – 30th May 2013

A Proper Look at the New Clipper 70

I have seen numerous pictures of the new Clipper 70 yacht that will be my home for a few months later this year, and walked past two of them on the dockside during my level 2 training week when our 68 foot Clipper yacht was moored nearby on the pontoon. Whilst the new yachts are only 2 feet longer than the previous version, they make the Clipper 68’s look like crusing boats in comparison, with their twin helms, open deck layout and very low guard rails.

I came across the following video on the Yachting World website, which really brings the Clipper 70 to life for me by putting all the pictures I have seen into perspective, making the whole experience feel more real. These boats are going to be very fast – and very wet for the crew on deck!

What do you think? Would you fancy a sail on one of these?

The full blog post can be found here on the Yachting World website.


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