First Laser Sail of 2013

I have been a bit busy playing on big boats recently to sail a Laser and so have missed the start of the Icebreaker series in 2013. 3 races in fact. Hoping to rectify that today I ventured down to the club to see if I remembered how to rig a Laser. The sun was… Continue reading First Laser Sail of 2013

Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Surviving

After a month of Sunday ‘racing’ (read drifting / floating) in very light winds, this weekend the wind decided to show up. Laser sailing in heavier weather has some benefits in the winter – you are usually working really hard to keep the boat flat or upright that you have little time to get cold… Continue reading Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Surviving

Breaking Ice for the Icebreaker

Today the Ballyholme Yacht Club Icebreaker series truly lived up to its’ name. It is always a bit disconcerting to actually have to break the ice off your Laser before you go sailing. My toes and fingers were like blokes of ice before I even launched! 74 other boats, including 47 Lasers on one start… Continue reading Breaking Ice for the Icebreaker