Level 3 Training Log

CV20 OneDLL Gosport Marina

2 Clipper Yachts – CV6 Geraldton Western Australia & CV20 OneDLL

2 Race Skippers (Sean and Vicky)

750 Nautical Miles (Tidal)

6 days onboard

40 night hours

2 races (Gosport – Le Harve – Portland Bill – Gosport & Gosport – Dover Straits – Isle of Wight – Gosport)

Plenty of drills, including man overboard at night, reefs in, reefs out, sails up, sails down

Clipper 13-14 Race Training1 sunbathingly sunny morning

1/2 hour sleep

0 showers (Lots of baby wipes)

0 lobster pots (many near misses :))

Lots of chocolate – still no doughnuts

24th – 30th May 2013


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